Ready for VBAC Course

At least 70% of women who attempt a vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) succeed. Improve your chances of being one of them.

If your last birth was by caesarean, odds are your doctor, midwives and maybe even your family want you to have another C-section.

What Does The Ready for VBAC Course Cover?

There are 9 online modules of self-paced learning which you can watch as often as you like to help you decide what’s your preferred way forward.

Module 1

VBAC benefits for mum and baby.

Module 2

Understanding real VBAC stats so you can effectively communicate with your provider when discussing any concerns about the risk of a trial of labour.

Module 3

Repeat Caesarean – risks and benefits to mum and baby.

Module 4

How to maximise your chance of VBAC.
Choosing the right provider and location.

Module 5

4 reasons for initial Caesareans.
What you might be able to do differently this time.

Module 6

Understanding the birth process and how to work with your body.
Stages of labour.
Fear tension pain cycle.
Hormones in labour and birth.

Module 7

Benefits of active birth.
What is optimal foetal positioning?
How to prepare your body for VBAC.

Module 8

Comfort measures.
Epidural facts, risks and benefits.

Module 9

Unpacking your Caesarean birth.

Your lifetime access to this course comes with many additional resources including:


Comfort measure videos


Workbook for journaling prompts


Affirmation posters and cards


Birth plan planner and template


Caesarean healing meditation


Birth partner cheat sheets


Prenatal yoga class


Daily stretches video.

All this for just $249!

Don’t want to go it alone?

If you’ve decided on a VBAC, you may value additional support throughout your pregnancy and labour.

As an experienced doula, I can provide that for you. I’ll be with you throughout your entire labour, if you wish, unlike your medical team who will often dip in and out to care for other patients.

I can help you get physically, mentally and emotionally ready for your VBAC and advocate for your desired birth in a pleasant, cooperative way working alongside your healthcare team.

Sometimes, C-section does become necessary and I fully support that option when it’s genuinely needed. As noted above, though, 70% of women who attempt VBAC are able to deliver their babies vaginally. If you want to be one of them, I’m here for you.

All information is general in nature. Patients should consider their own personal circumstances and seek a second opinion.