Birth with the best of both worlds

When your doula is a registered health professional,
you gain the transformative experience of beautiful birth within the safety net of modern medicine.

Emotional support

Emotional support so you feel nurtured and honoured as you become a mother.


Empowerment and confidence in your body’s ability to birth your baby.

Childbirth education

Childbirth education to demystify birth and ease your fears.


Increased capacity to handle the twists and turns that birth may take.

Cooperation with your medical team.

Benefits of a doula

As your doula, I’m here to help you have a positive birth experience. I provide emotional and hands-on support for you, holding space where you feel heard, respected and nurtured.

I help you and your partner to learn about labour and birth, communicate your wishes, navigate a busy hospital system and welcome your baby into the world as nature intended.

Benefits of a doula
  • Shorter labour
    Reduce your labour’s length by 25%.
  • Less need for drugs
    Syntocinon use reduced by 40%.
    Epidural use reduced by 60%.
  • Less surgery
    Reduce your chance of a C-section by 50%.
I can be with you for the entire length of your labour if you wish, unlike your midwives or OB who may come in and out of the birth room as they juggle other patients. That makes you feel much more supported.

Aren’t doulas a bit hippy-dippy?

Some are but I’m not.

I’m a health professional trained to postgraduate level. I’m registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency as a chiropractor. I believe in evidence-based practice and think that modern medicine has many benefits.

I also think that we’ve over-medicalised birth and turned it into something that happens to you rather than through you in the middle of a complex, pressured health system where your medical team is also caring for many other labouring women.

When you hire me, you get the best of both worlds: a trained health professional who believes in supporting and empowering you through the transformative experience of birth.

Birth doula services in Adelaide
Birth doula services in Adelaide

Birth doula services in Adelaide

I’m here to create a supportive nest for you, a key member of your tribe as you journey through an empowered pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

I’m here to connect you with mothers down the centuries who have birthed with the support and encouragement of more experienced women.

I’m here to help you get physically, mentally and emotionally ready for birth and to build your confidence in your body’s ability to deliver your baby.

I’m a registered chiropractor, qualified childbirth educator and birth doula with training in spinning babies, active birth and pre and postnatal yoga.



Graduated RMIT 1995 BSc. BAppSc (Chiro)


Webster Technique Certification


Post-graduate Diplomate Paediatric Neurodevelopment (chiropractic) 2 years


Childbirth Education Diploma Childbirth International


Birth Doula - Childbirth International


Lactation Counselor - CBI (completing)


Baby&Me Fitness certificate


IYTA 350 hrs Yoga teacher training


Perinatal Yoga Diploma - Birthlight


Pre & postnatal Yoga teacher training - Bliss Baby - Ana Davis


Yin Yoga teacher training - Slow Yoga - Cora Geroux


Fertility Yoga teacher training - Bliss Baby


Active Birth Yoga Training - Mindful Birth Australia


OMP Ambassador

Choose your Adelaide birth doula package

InclusionsNest PackageLabour & Birth Support
Initial free consultation so we can meet, discuss your birth vision and see if we are right for each other.Can doCan do
Prenatal visit/s including my Body Ready for Birth program incorporating the principles of Spinning Babies and Optimal maternal positioning to maximise ease and comfort in pregnancy and labour.2 visits1 visit
Holistic birth preparation (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) and a postpartum care plan.Can doCan do
Nest Active Birth Course – online self paced modules for you to learn at homeCan doCan't do Add on for $149
Messenger support (M-F 9-5)Can doCan do
On call from 38 weeksCan doCan do
Continuous support throughout your labour and birth until a few hours after birth for you to feel settled into your familyCan doCan do
Postnatal visits to support and nurture you in the early days of motherhood. I can assist with initial breastfeeding, settling and newborn care to help you feel confidence as you move into motherhood1 visit1 visit
During your postnatal visit I will prepare a nourishing Ayurvedic meal from the Golden MonthCan doCan do
Price$1,950 (instalments available)$1,725


Free prenatal yoga video to downloadCan doCan do
ClaryCalm roll on from DoTerraCan doCan't do
Herbal Sitz and Golden Mylk from the Golden MonthCan doCan't do
Bonus webinar on newborn sleep and feeding behaviourCan doCan do
Breastfeeding WebinarCan doCan do

If you’re searching for a doula in Adelaide, I’d love to meet you.