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Your Journey To Motherhood Has Began

One that doesn’t stop the moment you find out you are pregnant or hold your baby for the first time.

You know that you really should be focusing on the birth process and planning for your pregnancy and labour but you also are wondering how you’re going to figure out this new baby and motherhood gig as well. 

It’s a bit like planning for the wedding and forgetting about the marriage that comes after –  isn’t it?

or maybe...

You have just had your gorgeous new baby but so far it is NOT all like to brochure and Instagram has been a big fat liar.

As a doula, I have seen women spend a huge amount of time planning for their birth and their labour – going to all the things, learning about how birth works and hiring a great birth team. Only to be left literally holding the baby once the birth process has finished.

You feel like non-judgemental support would be prefect right now, as well as a space to be wholly yourself, be held as you learn to mother your new baby your way, and be cared for during the most pivotal, incredible and massive time in your life. 

I’ve noticed that my clients who have had more support postnatally into that first year of motherhood have really thrived.

This has been my inspiration - to create the missing puzzle piece.

Unfortunately, in our culture, a lot of focus is on the baby, and once the baby is born, we really forget about the mother. We can see this in our medical system. Prenatal visits are many and once the baby is born there is usually just a 6 week check-up. 

All subsequent visits are centred on baby.




The Nest Village

A 6 Week Program that will:

Help you find your confidence as you become a mother, and create an elevated motherhood experience filled with more joy, more bliss and more surrender.

This will be more than just this practical support of newborn care and breastfeeding (although that is here too).

This support will help you find your feet in motherhood and it will celebrate this rite of passage with you.

I am here to bring back that Nest Village - that beautiful wisewoman support and knowledge so you thrive in your forever role as MOTHER.

What You Will Receive

A nurturing 6 week experience and LIFETIME access to the following content​


  • Live weekly calls with me to support you in creating the best motherhood experience ever.
  • Guidance, knowledge, understanding, planning, support and lots of Ah-ha moments
  • Journaling prompts, weekly meditations and affirmations.

  • Bonuses

  • Yoga videos
  • A selection of recipes from my Ayurvedic recipe eBook
  • Breastfeeding webinar
  • Newborn sleep and feeding webinar

  • guests

  • Guest Masterclasses with:
  • Hannah Willsmore (Midwife) – on postpartum health
  • Tammy Obst, Founder of Flos Motherhood – a pre & postnatal fitness specialist
  • Louise East – a thought leader on matrescence.

  • Access

  • You can return to this programme again and again – you have life time access, unlimited replays and access to any future updates or additions.

  • Purchase before 7 March
    and receive all of this for just $799

    Untitled design-2

    Imagine this...

    Instead of fear, worry, second guessing yourself and feelings of “not enough”, you move into your new forever role with grace, serenity and certainty.

    You have a tool box of strategies and tricks to dip into when things get tough and sticky, you have your trusted resources and you have learned that making time for you benefits everyone in your family.

    You have a plan and you are confident to work this plan so that you are able to thrive.

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    week 1

      We kick off with a welcome party and launch into >> Baby brain is real, and no, you aren't losing your mind. We discuss what it is, why it happens, and why your brain actually has the most beautiful and amazing design for motherhood. You will learn how to use it to your advantage and benefit of your baby.

    week 2

      We unpacked matrescence - the transition of a woman into motherhood. And like adolescence it's a process to pass through not bounce back from a society would have us believe. You'll learn how to lean into the experience and not fight against the changes as you understand and embrace your matrescence.

    week 3

      40 days, the 4th trimester, golden months - have all had a lot of press lately and with good reason. New mothers need to be nurtured in this period. We will explore how other cultures celebrate and support this time. BUT we will go beyond the 40 days with an Ayurvedic focus to create rituals to support you for months after the birth of baby. We will cover “Postnatal Depletion” – what it looks like and how to avoid it. We cover postnatal nutrition, eating for energy and how to tackle fatigue in this first 9 months of life with baby. I’ll share some tricks and life hacks of family meal planning and scheduling. PS - expect mini videos on ayurveda the sister science of yoga and yummy recipes to fuel your amazing body.

    week 4

      Rest, movement and breathing for healing and energy. We will have Hannah Willsmore -midwife will Join us for “how your body heals after birth”.
    • BONUS:
    • Postnatal Pilates video
    • Pelvic floor restore video from Flos motherhood.
    • Breathing techniques to help you create those elusive feelings of bliss and calm through out your day

    Week 5

      We dive in the world of breastfeeding. Joining up reality with expectations so you're ready for a brilliant start to your breastfeeding journey and are able to troubleshoot challenges as they arrive.
    • Bonus:
    • Breastfeeding Webinar, an in depth look at breastfeeding to help you prepare.
    • Newborn sleep webinar. This is one of the biggest challenges for new parents understanding a normal development and having realistic expectations is a game changer here.

    week 6

      Creating and calling in “The Village”. We all need a village, but what does that really look like in 2022? We cover family expectations, boundaries, asking for help and planning for the first forty days and beyond. We explore resistance to “asking for help” and why we feel we can’t and how cultural changes have eroded the “village” and that wisdom of our mothers and grandmothers.

    I know that this program will set you up for success in motherhood, allow you to thrive and to be able to embrace your new role with confidence, understanding and a sense of surrender, bliss and joy.



    $ $799
    • One time early bird payment
    • Bonus for the first 5 sign ups - 30 minute call with Amanda that can be used in the next 6 months to support you in pregnancy, birth planning and postpartum


    $ 269
    • 3 x monthly early bird payments
    • Bonus for the first 5 sign ups - 30 minute call with Amanda that can be used in the next 6 months to support you in pregnancy, birth planning and postpartum


    $ 999 .
    • One time payment


    $ 335
    • 3 x monthly payments

    The Details

    Upon enrolment you will be sent a “get to know you” questionnaire where I can learn all about you, where you are at with your motherhood journey and what you would like to learn from our time together.

    The program officially begins on Monday March 14th with our first call together on Thursday 17th at 12:30pm.

    You will receive your log in for the program and all its bonuses on Monday 14th.

    All calls will be recorded and available for replay if you are unavailable to attend live for any of them. The calls will then be weekly for 6 weeks.

    This will be a powerful experience for you as you set yourself up to thrive in motherhood. You will understand that that motherhood is a rite of passage and not a season to endure and “get through”. You will understand why you feel the way you do and how to support and nurture yourself while also calling in your Village. You will realise that bliss, joy and surrender are available to you.

    If you need any further support or have any questions, send a DM through Instagram to Amanda at @nestbirthwellbeing and I will reply to you personally.

    Or alternatively you can email

    I can’t wait to support you.

    Amanda x

    About Amanda

    Holding space and honouring women as they transition across the threshold into motherhood is a culmination of the last 25 years of heart work for me.

    • I’m a mother of 3
    • Chiropractor
    • Birth Educator
    • Doula
    • Pre Natal Yoga Teacher

    When I became a chiropractor, my favourite clients were pregnant women. I just loved being in the vibe of pregnancy and babies. I found that so many of my clients actually experienced a more comfortable pregnancy with chiropractic care. I continued my professional development in this area and my practice thrived.

    My professional & life experiences led to the creation of the Nest approach, a beautiful birth and motherhood experience using my trilogy of bodywork, mindset and support.

    This program has now closed. Please contact us to be put on the waitlist for the next launch

    This program has now closed. Please contact us to be put on the waitlist for the next launch