Nest In Person Active Birth Workshop

Your partner wants to be the BEST support possible during your labour and this course will help them do exactly that!
Nest Active Birth Workshop

Location: 101 Grange Road, Allenby Gardens

Time: 11:00am – 5pm

Cost: $349 (per couple)

A comprehensive childbirth education program providing you and your support person with the mindset and tool kit for an empowered and informed journey from birth and labour into parenthood. This program has been designed to turn your anxiety of birth and fear of pain into the positive birth experience you desire, regardless of how you actually give birth.

As a chiropractor, doula, yoga teacher and childbirth educator, my approach is to educate on the science of physiological birth and then support you with the techniques to create space for baby and comfort for mum.

You and your support person will have hands on practice - not just theory.

You will learn:
  • how to prepare your body for birth with the principles of Spinning Babies and Optimal Maternal positioning
  • stages of labour and how your hormones can support you
  • manage the pain of labour with various comfort techniques such as massage, acupressure, breathing and visualisations
  • fear-tension-pain cycle and how to avoid it
  • cascade of intervention – what is it and how to minimise it
  • write a birth plan your provider will actually read
  • breastfeeding and planning for the fourth trimester

Your workbook contains lots of journaling options for you both to move toward your desired birth and unpack any fears or concerns.

With cheat sheets, birth plan templates, labour position flash cards and active birth charts your partner will gain confidence in their ability to support you in labour.

There are opportunities to explore the fourth trimester and what early parenthood may look like for you both. You will assess your support networks and make plans for a blissful postpartum.