Breastfeeding workshop Online



Are you really wanting to breastfeed but heard that so many women struggle with it and worry if you will too?

Are you wanting to prepare and learn as much as you can BEFORE baby arrives?

Do you love the idea of breastfeeding but actually really don’t know much about it or what it involves?

Then this 2 hour workshop is for you.

As a doula and childbirth educator I hear so many women with these exact concerns and I am so passionate about helping women start with a positive experience of breastfeeding.

We will cover:

  • basics of breastfeeding
  • how to establish a good supply
  • info about pumping, bottles, formula
  • how can my partner support me
  • how often should a baby feed
  • how do I know baby is getting enough milk
  • problems you may encounter and what to do about them

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